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Money Packets


"Ang Pow" or Red Money Packets are traditionally red packets that are passed out from married couples or elderly to unmarried juniors. Usually, it is distributed during Chinese New Year Celebration and money is put inside as blessing. As the culture spreads in the modern society, even during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the elderly will give “Duit Raya” to the youth, but the packet is green in colour rather than red. The culture assimilation even spreads to our Hindu Friends during Depaavali Celebration.

Today, we offer our clients choices to print their own money packets to differentiate themselves from the others, be it to stand out or just to share the joy of this festive occasion. Print as low as 500pcs just for friends and families, or mass produce up to 100,000pcs to get your branding embedded in your target audience.

We also offer templates for this coming 2012 Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon) in 4 custom diecut sizes. *prices vary with each diecut size. Each order will take at least 12 working days to complete so do take note on the order date so that you do not miss out this Coming Holiday Season!

AP1 : 115mm x 80mm (top flap)
AP2 : 155mm x 80mm (top flap)
AP3 : 155mm x 80mm (top flap)
AP4 : 160mm x 80mm (side flap)



Top Opening Envelope Money Packet:




Click on image to enlarge.




AP2 AP 3


RM 238

RM 258
RM 278


RM 288

RM 308
RM 328
2000pcs RM 418
RM 468
RM 508
5000pcs RM 708
RM 848
RM 948


Do not fancy our custom Open Top Money Packets? Try our Open Side Money Packets instead. Just specify which template you like and we will edit the template into the custom open side diecut. This diecut is perfect for inserting money into the packet with ease, just like a regular envelope.

AP4 : Side Opening Envelope Money Packet:


AP4 - Side Opening Envelope Money Packet


RM 220


RM 375


RM 600

2000pcsRM 860
3000pcsRM 960
5000pcsRM 1250




Laser Hot Stamping Money Packet


Front Hotstamping

Back Hotstamping


RM 475 /thousand

RM 495 /thousand


RM 455 /thousand

RM 475 /thousand
5000pcs RM 385 /thousand
RM 405 /thousand
10,000pcs RM 345 /thousand
RM 365 /thousand