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Name cards are the most important element of your visual identity. It’s the first thing people see when they meet you. You can impress anyone if your namecard stands out above the rest. Here at PrintSquare, small quantities are welcomed as we know our personal details changes like the wind. No more being stuck with a huge amount of cards with the wrong telephone number.


PrintSquare offers a wide range of cards to suit every business needs. The most popular cards are Matt laminated cards (waterproof) with SPOT UV to give the economical EMBOSS effect..
Click here to request matt lamination and Spot UV name card sample.



Laminated Cards on 260gsm Art Card


No Finishing

Matt Lamination Gloss Lamination Matt + Single SPOT UV Matt + Double SPOT UV


RM 46

RM 50 RM 50 RM 60 RM 85


RM 62

RM 73 RM 73 RM 95 RM 120
1000pcs RM 75 RM 90 RM 90 RM 155 RM 180
2000pcs RM 120 RM 160 RM 160 RM 240 RM 265


Non Laminated Cards


230gam Ivory Card

230gsm Fine Vein / Linen 200gsm PVC Card 250gsm Platinum (Shiny) 280gsm Frosted Card


RM 50

RM 55 RM 62 RM 68 RM 98


RM 73

RM 90 RM 108 RM 98 RM 128
1000pcs RM 90 RM 130 RM 165 RM 135 RM 215
2000pcs RM 160 RM 220 RM 270 RM 255 RM 300


Online Digital Namecard Printing

We understand when the occasion arises, cards are needed urgently. That’s why here at PrintSquare we also offer digital namecards which takes 3 working days to be delivered.

    1. Day one – Orders must be made by 2.30pm.
        Any orders made after will be considered an order made on the next working day.
   2. Day two – Printing is done and couriered out to you.
   3. Day three – Your namecards arrive at your doorstep.