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Stickers are so useful in so many aspects. There is no need to use messy glue to paste a label on your products anymore. Even namecards can be printed as stickers. Hows that for a sticky effect!


Stickers Material Available:

1. Mirrokote Stickers :
- Normal white smooth surface sticker
- Looks great with a hint of shine yet economical
- Suitable for : normal pasting on paper, glass, wood, metal…etc

2. Transparent Stickers :
- Suitable for : pasting on products so it does not disturb the appearance of your packaging

3. MP-LTA Stickers :
- Normal mirrokote white smooth surface sticker with extra strong glue
- Suitable for : great for pasting on frozen foods packaging or when you do not want others to peel of your sticker

4. Simili Stickers :
- Normal white “photostat” paper surface sticker, suitable for writing onto.
- Suitable for : writing with pen on top…etc

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Namecard Sized Sticker


90x54mm Mirrokote Sticker + Lamination

90x54mm Transparent Sticker only


RM 90

RM 125


RM 140

RM 210
1500pcs RM 190 RM 295
2000pcs RM 240 RM 375


80gsm Offset Mirrokote Stickers


A3 Sticker

A4 Sticker A5 Sticker


RM 575

RM 520 RM 455


RM 730

RM 585 RM 535
2000pcs RM 1200 RM 745 RM 600
5000pcs RM 2590 RM 1490 RM 930